SK Telecom demos 5G-ATSC 3.0 broadcast service for moving vehicle

2019.06.04 13:51:49 | 2019.06.04 15:12:51

[Photo provided by SK Telecom]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by SK Telecom]

South Korea’s SK Telecom for the first time in the world demonstrated its advanced automotive platform based on new broadcasting technology standard ATSC 3.0 that enables drivers and passengers to experience in-vehicle full HD terrestrial TV broadcasting on the go.

The demonstration of Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0, which is a suite of next-generation broadcast TV transmission standards that deliver UHD video, audio, data and even targeted advertising, was a success, the Korean telecom leader said on Tuesday. The latest solution was jointly developed by U.S.-based Sinclair Broadcast Group and Harman International Industries.

The demo signifies the combining of 5G telecommunications and ATSC3.0 broadcasting spectrum, creating potential opportunities in the ATSC 3.0 market in the U.S. and globally for the era of autonomous driving.

SK Telecom said it was able to realize full HD live broadcasting with four times clearer screen quality than DMB’s and show different kinds of advertisements playing on each of the three in-car screens while the car was traveling.

In addition, the vehicle automatically received live traffic, road, and popular restaurant information updates wirelessly via the ATSC 3.0 network when the car entered a specific zone.

SK Telecom also showcased a multi-view service, allowing users to watch terrestrial sports broadcasting from different angles simultaneously, or replay each play of the game at a slow speed. The company said this multi-view display works when the ATSC 3.0 network transmits video taken by the main camera in the stadium, while the 5G network streams live feeds from other cameras.

SK Telecom and Sinclair are working to apply Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and Network-Based Media Processing (NBMP), key solutions for 5G, to the broadcasting platform to realize low-latency augmented reality and virtual reality displays.

By Lee Sun-hee and Minu Kim

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