Samsung 5G Galaxy Fold preps to hit the market possibly next month

2019.05.15 15:42:00 | 2019.05.15 15:45:40

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]

Samsung Electronics first foldable phone in 5G technology may be ready to hit the market next month after its launch was delayed to address glitches in the screen and 5G network.

According to sources on Tuesday, the Korean IT giant recently sent Galaxy Fold prototypes to the country’s three telecom carriers for testing after passing local telecommunication certification.

The test is being carried out around locations where the 5G network is active and the current testing speed suggests the Galaxy Fold is very likely to be released in Korea early June, said a telco official familiar with the matter.

The foldable phone was originally meant to be shipped early May but screen issues raised by journalists forced the company to postpone the launch. Since then, Samsung Electronics has worked on product modifications and rescheduling.

The supply of the test products suggests that the company might complete product modifications and determine its launching date.

Samsung Electronics last month completed telecommunication and Wi-Fi certification for the release of the 5G Galaxy Fold (SM-F907N) under the Korea Communications Commission program. If product modifications are unrelated to the device’s communication module or such modifications are limited to a simple design change, the telecommunication certification process is unnecessary.

Samsung Electronics admitted the submission of test products to the telcos but its re-launch date has yet to be determined because those are not final versions.

By Lee Dong-in and Minu Kim

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