Samsung Elec transmits baseball game via 5G real-time video solution

2018.06.29 09:31:01 | 2018.06.29 09:34:03

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]

South Korea’s tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. seeking to lead the development of fifth-generation (5G) communication solutions has successfully completed a live real-time free-viewpoint video stream test using 5G technology with Japan’s telecommunications operator KDDI Corp.

According to Samsung Electronics on Thursday that the two companies installed 16 cameras near the home plate on the baseball ground in Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha, Japan and transmitted free-viewpoint video using 5G-supporting table devices that enabled audiences to view live-stream images of hitters from different angles during a professional baseball game.

The Korean company provided its miniaturized 28 gigahertz base station, next-generation core equipment, and 10 units of 5G tablet device to help upload 16 high-quality video feeds and support device communication.

Japan’s KDDI added three-dimensional (3D) computer graphic models to players’ territory extracted from the cameras to develop and apply technology that enables free-viewpoint videos.

Samsung Electronics expected that once real-time free-viewpoint video stream technology is commercialized, users will be able to view sports from any angle using their mobile devices, adding more excitement to traditional game watching experience.

“KDDI has been continuously working toward developing a wide range of new 5G use cases that can elevate the everyday lives of our users,” said Yoshiaki Uchida, executive vice president at KDDI. “Together with Samsung, KDDI will continue to explore ways to provide unprecedented experiences by integrating communications and life design.”

This is not the first time Samsung Electronics has joined hands with a foreign telecommunications company to test its 5G solutions. It has been forging partnerships with other global telecommunication companies in the United States and Japan ahead of 5G commercialization.

Early this year, Samsung Electronics signed an agreement with U.S. mobile company Verizon to supply 28 gigahertz end-to-end 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) equipment with an aim to launch related FWA service later this year. The company has also been promoting 5G trial service with AT&T in Indiana targeting actual customers and also with T-Mobile on joint 5G research. In Japan, Samsung Electronics has been introducing diverse 5G field services with NTT Docomo Inc. and KDDI.

By Seo Dong-cheol and Lee Eun-joo

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