Chaebol reform advocate Kim Sang-jo named as FTC head

2017.05.17 16:46:03 | 2017.05.17 16:46:26

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Kim Sang-jo, professor of economics at Hansung University known for his outspoken criticism against family-run chaebol business structure, has been nominated as the first chairman of Fair Trade Commission under liberal President Moon Jae-in who was sworn in last week, the Blue House said on Wednesday.

Chaebol reform had been one of the key campaign planks of Moon to bring more fairness in business practices and balance in the economy over-reliant on a few chaebol names.

The 55-year-old nominee has mostly been active on the consumer rights front, heading the chaebol reform council and chief of economic reform at civic group People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy. During the latest presidential campaign, he played a key role in mapping out Moon’s policies and pledges related to chaebol reform.

Kim was also a member of the New Korea Committee founded by then presidential candidate Moon in March where Kim Kwang-doo, a veteran conservative and head of think tank Institute for the Future of State, also took part in. Kim is known to have played a key role in advising Moon on his economic policies often dubbed as J-nomics.

Kim, who is from Gumi, North Gyeongsang, studied economics at Seoul National University where he also received a doctorate. He was a member of the Economic and Social Development Commission and research head of Financial Research Center of Korea.

By Kang Gye-man

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