Samsung Elec starts Korean-based voice assistant Bixby on Galaxy S8

2017.05.02 13:08:51 | 2017.05.02 14:51:59

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Samsung Electronics Co.’s first voice-activated personal assistant Bixby debuted on latest flagship Galaxy S8 series became activated on Monday. Service is limited to the Korean language. English service will be available next month.

The company released the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus on April 21, but the voice-activated service was delayed.

The digital assistant becomes activated by pressing the Bixby button located below the volume button on the left side of the phone or calling upon it through voice. The service is now available only in Korean. The English language will be added next month, followed up by Chinese, Spanish, and other languages.

It can come to service even when the screen is off or another app is active. The phone user can command it to receive the incoming call and connect to him or her through the speaker phone.

Samsung Electronics boasts that Bixby is capable of processing multiple commands at one time. For instance, if a user says “please send the recent photos to mom,” Bixby would first dig up the recent pictures, locate ‘mom’ from the address list and then send the photos. “Users can conduct about 3,000 tasks including managing schedules and sending messages via Bixby,” said an official from the company. “Backed by deep-learning technology, Bixby would be able to enhance accuracy on its own by learning users’ habits,” he added.

Bixby is better at recognizing Korean than Apple’s voice assistant Siri as Korean is its base language. It can even understand regional dialects that differ in pronunciation or accents, the company said. Sales of the Galaxy S8 series are estimated to have exceeded 500,000 units so far since its launch.

By Oh Chan-jong

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